About Pushpam

About Us

Pushpam Tours is a tourist company established in Mumbai. Pushpam Tours was established on May 1, 1993. Pushpam Tours has worked continuously till April 2012, on Maharashtra and Konkan Goa Sectors.
Due to the facilities of Comfortable Air Conditioned Bus Journey, Delicious Fine cuisine made by our Expert Cooks, Best To Best Hotels Handpicked by Our Professional Staff, Mumbai to Mumbai Dedicated Tour Manager & Last but not least is nominal travel fee. Because of this Pushpam tours is getting wider a day by day.
Pushpam Tours, which is currently operating in the tourist world, was established in 1993. In the beginning we preferred tours to the Mahanarashtra Darshan, Konkan Goa and Ashtavinayak Yatra. With the support and encouragement of the customers , these all trips was successful, seeing the increase in customer's response and Growing Efficiency of Pushpam Tours, in May 2012, Pushpam Tours took the next step with Successfully Arranging "Kerala Kanyakumari" Tour. After that, instead of turning back, Pushpam Tours organized a trip to many places like Rajasthan, Himachal, Darjeeling, Rameswaram, Hyderabad, Andaman, Kashmir, Leh and Ladakh. And we are now working on 26 domsetic sectors throughout the year.
Now, by looking at overall globalization, the next step in this field is The international tourism. In fact, abroad is not the cheapest cost for the middle class. But the desire of them is very much. Also considered by Pushpam Tours, Always be honest efforts for each one to travel abroad. For this, maximum comfort will be made available to the customers. Customers will get the opportunity to stay especially in the 5-star hotel.
Currently Pushpam Tours has a branches in Dadar, Borivali in Mumbai and Kalyan in Thane District , also the staff of 25 people are working Effortlessly.
There is no doubt that 'Pushpam Tours' will be a leading name in the future. So far, the customer has shown great faith in us, and so is the kind of support you get from all of us. We believe that we will move on to further progress through the love and cooperation from all of you.



Pushpam Tours is a private organization. Because of the progress made by us today, we are very proud of our staff, who have worked with our company from formation of the company till now.
The entire staff will be either the company's CEO, the MD, the tour manager or the cook, or the labor staff. All employees have to follow the principles laid out in POLICIES OF PUSHPAM tours.
With the staffing work schedule, pre-arranged travel schedules, trainings given to tour managers, as well as the activities of the staff, the love of each other and love for each other, the atmosphere is also very intense from the very first day of the trip. Everything is done well with the pushpam tours but in some cases, it is expexted by the customers by following certain principles to make the trip succesful. For exmple,

  1. Timezone
  2. Health care
  3. Take care of your Personal Belongings
  4. Personal Cleanliness etc.






Who would not like to travel The Entire India and to have a World Tour.
But the word “Budget” comes down every time and all the plans gets chopped.
But that is why Pushpam Tours is famous for. Tell Us It can’t Be and We will Show How It Can Be Possible. .!

Director & Founder

Mr. Surendra Kotwal.

Pushpam Tours Is Now Heading Towards Success & Continiously Operating Since Year 1993. & All Of Its Credits Goes To Mr. Surendra G. Kotwal.
With A Diploma Of Electronic Engeeineering & After The Retirenement From One Of The Reputed Multinationbal Firm, He Started Following His Passion. “Tourism”
From Small To Big & From Ups To Down, Mr Kotwal Had Faced Each And Every Stage During The Struggling Period Of Pushpam.
Pushpam Tours Is Now Succesfully Working From Last 24 Years & Mr. S.G. Kotwal Will Always Be The First & Leading Name Of Pushpam Tours.

Manging Director

Mr. Abhishek S. Kotwal.

Mr. Abhishek Surendra Kotwal is the Managing Director of Pushpam Tours. He is the younger Son of Mr. Surendra G. Kotwal (The Ceo of Pushpam Tours).
After completing MBA In Travel & Tourism, Mr Abhishek is now rapidly expanding the first using Modern & Smart Techniques.
International Tours have been started by Mr. Abhishek & now along with Tour of India, we are have begun tours of South East, Middle East & some European Countries.
Pushpam Tours is now the Combination & mixture of tradition, families, Royalty & Punctuality.